Nynke van Zwol (1972) graduated from the Wackers Academy of Fine Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2015.

For her graduation she made a series of surrealistic paintings of sea creatures and architecture. These paintings tell a story of a drowned world where the only living things are the strange inhabitants of the watery realm.

Insects and frogs are frequently found in her work as well. She loves painting the colors and shiny textures of chitinous exoskeletons and slippery amphibian skin.

Nynke has developed a unique method of working. She dyes paper with watercolor, using the wet-in-wet technique. After drying and pressing the paper, it is used to draw and paint on with different kinds of media, like colored pencil, ink and gouache.

Typical of her style are the finely rendered details and atmosphere of silence. Drawn in this style even the most fearsome of creatures seem at peace.